The Advantages of Metal Wall Cladding

When looking for a modern, cost effective, environmental wall cladding system – metal is an excellent choice. New metal panels can be installed over almost any other type of cladding – including brick, block, pre case concrete, stucco, or even existing metal systems.

The possibilities of cladding profiles and colours are practically endless. There is a wide variety to choose from. When it comes to installations, the most common kind is vertical. Some designs allow for a horizontal layout, however. New metal cladding will increase the aesthetic appeal of a dated or damaged building, making it easier to lease or sell. Colours can be mixed and matched to create the signature project you or your client’s desire.

Like metal roofing, metal wall cladding will stand the test of time. Not only do these metal systems provide an attractive solution but they last up to 50 years as well. When a building is cladded in metal panels, it is also energy efficient. Heating and cooling bills will go down, saving you money every season. Metal cladding may cost a little bit more, but in the long run you will see how it pays off.

Siding a building with metal panels is also a green way to go. The impact other material can have on the environment can be great. The waste that comes from the demolition of other siding systems goes to filling landfills. Metal is recyclable. Metal siding systems are 100% recyclable and the siding you buy is also made out of recycled materials. Have a home sided in metal will not only save you money because of how much less energy you will use to heat or cool your home, but he impact on the environment with regards to energy is much less.

Caring for metal wall siding is similar to the care of a metal roof. Ensure inspections are done every so often. This will catch smaller issues before they become too large. This in turn will save you money in the long run on repairs. Make sure you look for possible corrosion. Scratches should be touched up with paint to ensure the elements cannot get to the untreated metal beneath the specialized coatings and paintings. Also make sure that the panels are installed properly by a contractor that specializes in this type of siding. An error like using the wrong type of fasteners can cause a great deal of problems in the future. Metals do not always re-act will when together. If a fastener of a different material is used other than the same material used for the wall panels, a negative reaction may occur. This will cause corrosion later on. Ensure your walls stay clean and well looked after – this will minimize repair bills for future years to come.

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Lewis Benjamin is a self motivated, energetic individual. He enjoys challenging himself and experiencing new things. He has travelled a lot since his childhood and is fascinated with various types of housing designs and architectures. In this article, he highlights the advantages of metal cladding.

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